What's included

  • All the video content, and extras from the Everything course

  • 2 hours of one-to-one video coaching, split into sessions of at least 30 minutes

  • Consulting on purchases of surf photography equipment

  • Personally commissioned video content

Bonus material

Only available with the Everything course

  • Lightroom presets

    Speed up your post processing workflow with 28 presets for Adobe Lightroom, covering many common types of surf photo.

  • Audio lessons

    Keep learning while you're on the go with audio versions of the lessons from the course.

  • Downloadable videos

    Watch the full course videos wherever you are by downloading the full quality videos.

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Learning surf photography: One-to-one

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  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to get the most from this course
    • Before we begin: Three quick questions
    • Copy of Audio versions of the video lessons
  • 02
    Find your ideal surf photography kit
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    • Introduction
    • Find the surf photos you want to take
    • The best lenses for your surf photos
    • The best camera for your surf photos
    • Find your ideal surf photography kit - discussion
  • 03
    Surf photography - essential knowledge
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    • Introduction
    • Quick start settings
    • Shutter speed in surf photography
    • Aperture for surf photography
    • ISO for surf photography
    • Focus modes for surf photography
    • What you need to know about equivalence
    • Working with surfers
    • Minimum shutter speed in aperture priority and manual mode
    • Surf photography essential knowledge - discussion
  • 04
    Land photography basics
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    • Introduction
    • Basic angles for surf photography from the land
    • Using long lenses for surf photography
    • Tripods, monopods and hand held shooting
  • 05
    Water photography - get the right gear
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    • Introduction
    • Water housings for surf photography
    • Which port to choose
    • Pistol grips and leashes
    • Water shooting essentials
    • Personal flotation for surf photography
    • Water photography gear - discussion
  • 06
    Water photography - techniques
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    • Introduction
    • Dry port technique
    • Wet port technique
    • Positioning for surf photos in the water
    • Fisheye techniques
    • Underwater surf photography
    • Over under, 50/50 or split photos
    • Surf water photography techniques - discussion
  • 07
    Creative surf photos
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    • Introduction
    • Basic composition tips for surf photography
    • Make the most of the light
    • Long exposure surf photos
    • Close up surf photography
    • Photographing small waves
    • An introduction to surf flash photography
    • Shallow depth of field with a macro lens
    • Creative surf photography techniques - discussion
  • 08
    Post processing surf photos
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    • An introduction to post processing surf photos
    • Mobile image processing
    • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
    • Lightroom presets
    • Overcast water shot
    • Dawn paddle
    • Underwater SUP
    • Remote flash
    • Underwater wave
    • New Zealand lineup
    • GoPro backlit
    • Close up black and white
    • Wedge lineup
    • Backlit green tube
    • Dawn texture
    • Dawn offshores
    • Croyde barrel
    • Beachbreak air
    • Shallow depth of field with a macro lens
    • Surf school
    • Underwater surfer
    • Over under
    • Small waves, shallow depth of field
    • Crystal tube
    • Cropped image from circular fisheye
    • Emerald tube
    • Sunny air
    • Silhouette backflip
    • Sunset bright sun
    • Circular fisheye to rectangular print
    • iPhone water shot
    • Surf competition on an overcast day
    • Close up wave
    • Long exposure close up
    • Lone surfer at dawn
    • Inky abstract ocean
  • 09
    Sharing your surf photos
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    • Introduction to sharing your surf photos
    • Getting surf photos published
    • Selling photos to surfers
    • Printing surf photos
    • Sharing your surf photos - Discussion
  • 10
    Next steps
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    • Next steps
    • Before you go...