Perfect for beginners

17 videos guiding you through getting the right equipment, setting it up and taking better surf photos, including:

  • Identifying the surf photos you want to take
  • Getting the right camera and lenses
  • Quick start settings for surf photography
  • Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focus modes for surf photography
  • Working with surfers
  • Basics of shooting surf from the land

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78 videos covering all the topics in the essentials course, plus:

  • Getting the right water housing, ports and accessories
  • Avoiding water drops on your ports
  • Positioning in the water
  • Fisheye techniques
  • Underwater surf photography
  • Over under or Split style photos
  • Composition and lighting tips
  • Long exposure surf photos
  • Small waves, close ups and shallow depth of field surf photos
  • Flash surf photography
  • Post processing on mobile and desktop/laptop
  • Sharing and selling your surf photos

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  • Ben Pascoe

    Instructor Bio:

    I've been taking surf photos and video for over 20 years. After producing a couple of surf action videos I started taking photography more seriously about ten years ago.

    I set up the website in 2012 to document my progress and create a resource for other people in my position.

    Since the site has grown, I hear from more and more people who say it's one of the few sources of surf photography specific information they can find online.

    The learning surf photography course grew from the answers to hundreds of questions through email, comments on the site, and messages through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

    I hope this course can help you avoid the time consuming and expensive trial and error process of learning the foundations of surf photography, and inspire you to create surf photos you're proud of.

    Ben Pascoe

My work has appeared in:

  • Carve magazine
  • Wavelength magazine
  • BBC website
  • Global surf calendar
  • Magicseawed


  • Can I upgrade to a different course and just pay the difference?

    Yes, if you've purchased the Essentials or Everything course and you'd like to upgrade to a different course, just send me an email at with your request.

  • Can I pay in a different currency?

    Yes, although prices are listed in US $, you can make a payment in a different currency using a credit card, or PayPal.